12 Bottle Pack Mint Lover Bundle - Mojito and Mint Julep

12 Bottle Pack Mint Lover Bundle - Mojito and Mint Julep Beverages White's Elixirs

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Contains 6 Mojito and 6 Mint Julep mixes.

Mint Julep:

It’s classically classy, as all fine derby cocktails should be.

Ensure you procure a proper whiskey or gin to be this julep mix’s jockey.

It’s not horsing around. Race to stores to buy it now. Get your taste buds to the finish line.

(We ran the derby metaphor into the ground, didn’t we?)
((Yes. And we’re proud of it.))

A smooth blend of mint leaves, mint oil, and pure cane sugar for a proper julep.

"Put it with a little crushed ice and some rye whiskey...heavenly." - Rob B, repeat customer.

Water, pure cane sugar, mint oil, fresh mint, citric acid. Does not contain alcohol.

Mojito Mix:

You are now in Key West. (At least, your taste buds are).

Combines zesty mint, fresh lime juice, and pure cane sugar to form a magically minty mojito cocktail. Just add your rum of choice.

"No more muddling. NO more hunting for mint and squeezing limes. This rocks." - Janine G, repeat customer.

Pure Cane Sugar, Lime Juice, Mint, Citric Acid, Water. Does not contain alcohol.

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